A big cheer could be heard across Felixstowe at the end of June as we heard the news we had passed the Public Relations Consultants Association’s Communications Management Standard – the gold standard of PR excellence.

In June we undertook the rigorous PRCA CMS audit that is required by all PRCA members and which reviews the eight key business areas of:

  • Leadership and communication
  • Business planning
  • Business improvement
  • Budgetary management
  • Project management
  • Satisfaction
  • People management
  • New business

The PRCA describes CMS as an essential tool for growth and proves that a business is run to the highest exacting standards.

Pier Founder and Director Kate Bowden Smith adds: ‘It’s fantastic to have recognition for all the hard work we do as a team and how much Pier has progressed over the years. Aligning ourselves with the PRCA’s Consultancy Management Standard provides us with an invaluable tool to ensure we continue to offer the best service to our customers whilst developing our staff and the company as a whole.’

Moving forward Pier will have a formal review every two years to ensure we are matching the standards of excellence and professionalism set by the PCRA CMS.

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